What We Do

Junk Responders provide first aid to just about any junk removal issue. Hazardous waste being the only exception.

Have a special project you need done and don’t see it on the list? No worries! Give us a call and we can talk through it and help you out.

Junk Removal and Hauling With Junk Responders

Junk Responders is a Roseville, California junk removal and hauling company. We serve all neighboring Sacramento and Sierra Foothills communities.  Our mission revolves around our name. We wanted to create a business with more than just a “catchy name” like most of our competitors in the business.

Junk Responders clearly states what it is we do. Our name is what we want to live up to. We are “First Responders” in the junk hauling business.

Common Removal Items

Appliance Removal, Mattresses Removal and Disposal, Yard Sale Left Over Removal, Landscape Debris Removal, Lumber/wood Removal, Drywall Removal, Stucco Removal, Concrete Removal, Gravel Removal, Block Removal, Tile Removal, Fence Removal, Trailer Removal, Camper Removal, Mobile Home Removal, Trash Removal, General Debris Removal, Scrap Metal Removal, E-Waste Removal, Tire Removal, Furniture Pick-up, Sofa Removal, Yard Waste Hauling

Full Service Clean Outs and Demolitions

Hoarder Clean Outs, Storage Unit Clean Outs, Office Clean Outs, Garage Clean Outs, Basement Clean Outs, Barn Clean Outs, Construction Clean-Up, Play Structure Tear-Down, Fence Tear-Down, Storm Damage Clean-Up, Shed Tear-Down/Removal, Hot Tub & Spa Removal, Earthquake Damage Clean Ups,

24/7 Junk Removal At Your Fingertips

We communicate clearly with our customers 24/7 and show up reliably as soon as we’re “dispatched” to a junk scene. Our staff is professional, dedicated and trained to respond to your emergency junk removal scene.

At Junk Responders, we’re committed to the environment and strongly believe in recycling. Sure, it would be faster and easier to pick up your “junk” and bring it to the landfill. But, that wouldn’t be fair to the community or the Earth.

Instead, we devote a portion of our day to the inspection and sorting of items we pick-up. This allows us to donate/ reuse/recycle items, like batteries, wood, metals, clothing, etc.  We are licensed and fully insured. Call or text us for a free estimate.

The Junk Removal Process

  • Give us a call at 844-JUNKRUN to schedule an appointment for any of your demolition, clean out, or removal needs.
  • We’ll show up on time and give you a free, no-obligation quote.
  • When you approve our quote, we’ll get started right away and get your job done quick!
  • Once completed, you’ll be able to settle up with your choice of cash, card, or check.  Then you can enjoy your neat and junk-free space!