Field and Tractor Work

Junk Responders is ready to help with all your field mowing and land clearing needs! We have the equipment to complete high brush mowing, general tractor work, field clearing, and more! Whether you are clearing lots for development, clearing land for a home site, or simply maintaining your property, you can count on us!

Junk Responders Unloading Truck
More than Junk Removal!

Junk Responders does more than junk removal! We offer field mowing as well as a variety of services catered to your specific property needs. The terrain of your property and the vegetation present will determine the type of maintenance you require. Junk Responders is equipped to help no matter what!

Brush and Weed Abatement

Like Sacramento, most cities and counties in our area have regulations in place regarding brush and weed abatement. Removing or lessening the brush and weeds around your property will help you avoid costly penalties, but it is most important because it helps to protect your home and the homes of your neighbors from fire.

Blackberry Removal

Blackberries are vigorous growers with a long life span and complicated root systems. You can try recommendations for removal by hand, mower, or chemicals, or you can call Junk Responders to get it done once and for all!

Land Clearing and Field Mowing

Whether you are clearing land for beautification, safety, or site prep, call Junk Responders to get it done safely, efficiently, and thoroughly! These are just a few of the services we can provide.

  • Our field mowing services are for acreage large and small. We can do this once or on a regular basis to help you maintain your property.
  • We also do fence and survey line clearing.
  • If you need right of way brush clearing, call on us!
Call Junk Responders Today!

Junk Responders proudly offers our field mowing and tractor work in Placer County, Nevada County, Sacramento County, and El Dorado County. Book Now or call us today at (844) 905-2676 to speak with a knowledgeable member of our team. We will happily answer your questions and discuss your options.  Above all, we want to offer you excellent service each and every time!


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