Hot Tub Removal

Junk Responders offers easy and convenient hot tub removals in the Sacramento Metro Area and Sierra Foothills. From demolition to hauling, Junk Responders handles everything for you. Give us a call and have your old hot tub hauled away in no time!

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If you have an old hot tub that’s broken or unused, there’s no use in keeping it around. Just pick up your phone and call Junk Responders and we could have your hot tub gone in no time! We’re experts at hot tub and Jacuzzi removal; our full-service team is trained and equipped to get rid of your hot tub quickly and efficiently. Take back your backyard and reclaim the space your old hot tub is taking up.  Junk Responders will do all of the work for you; all you need to do is make sure that your tub is drained and disconnected from power prior to our arrival, and well disassemble, remove, and haul your hot tub debris. Don’t let an unused hot tub take up all of your space: contact Junk Responders today!

When your old spa has seen its last day, don’t delay.  There are so many better ways to use that space on your patio than letting your old Jacuzzi sit idle and unused.  Disassembling your hot tub is a job the pros on our team can handle with ease!

About Junk Responders Hot Tub Removal

  • Call Junk Responders or book online to schedule your hot tub removal in the Roseville area now!
  • Before our arrival, we ask that you disconnect the power and gas to your tub and drain it.
  • Our team will provide a free, no-obligation quote when we arrive.
  • If you’re ready to move forward, we will use our tools to cut your tub into small sections to be carried away.
  • During and after the removal process, we will clean any mess we’ve left behind.


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