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How Our Junk Removal Service Works

Junk Responders - Schedule An Appointment

Schedule an Appointment

Want our help? Then give us a call and schedule your appointment today! We’ll be happy to help you through our scheduling process. It’s easy!

Junk Responders - We Call When We're On Our Way

Courtesy Calls

On the day of our arrival, we’ll be sure to call you ahead of time so you know we’re on our way. That way, we won’t catch you in the middle of something important.

Junk Responders - We Arrive Ready To Go

Wherever You Are

As long as you’re located in our service areas, we’re ready to help you. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the heart of downtown or on the outskirts. We’ll be there.

Junk Responders - If You Want It Gone, It's Gone!

Our Trucks

Our trucks can haul much more junk than the competition, and that’s because they’re really, really big! This means we take fewer loads to the dump and save you money.

Junk Responders - We'll Leave Your Place in Great Shape

Getting It Done

We won’t do half the job and call it quits. Our professional team works thoroughly and diligently every time. We’ll even sweep the floors for you once we’re done.

Junk Responders - Junk Removal is Quick & Easy


How would you like to pay? Cash, card, or check? We take all three. Pay us however you wish, and then, we’ll head on our way. Thanks for working with us!

About Us

Junk Responders is your neighborhood junk removal business that’s always ready to take on a new challenge. When it comes to junk removal jobs, we want to take them on and show them who’s boss! This “go-getter” attitude of ours is what makes us the perfect choice for many types of junk removal in various service areas.

Top-Notch Service

Of course, for your Sacramento junk removal, you’ll receive the best of the best from our experienced team. No matter how much junk you’re dealing with, we’re ready to rid your life of clutter. We’re ready to hear from you—and help you out, too!

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Schedule With Us Today!

We know you need Sacramento junk removal, so why hesitate to get started with us? Just give us a call or contact us online. Once you’ve reached out to us, one of our Junk Responders employees will be happy to schedule an appointment with you. The best part is, with our same-day and next-day availability, you could be seeing us in no time at all.

Additionally, we’ll also give you an over-the-phone cost estimate and a 2-hour arrival window. That way, you’ll have expectations on how much you’ll owe us and when we’ll show up. And, just like that, you’ve scheduled your appointment! We’ll see you soon.

The Junk Pickup Process

On the day of our arrival, simply invite us onto your property and let us see what we’re working with during the day’s junk removal appointment. Whether we’re indoors or outdoors, upstairs or downstairs, we’ll be ready to calculate your final, in-person quote. Accept this quote, and we can start getting the work done right away.

Staying Focused

You’ll appreciate how efficiently the team works—they don’t lollygag, idly banter, or goof off on the clock. Instead, they’re focused on you and the job. It won’t be long until your place is as tidy as can be. Lastly, we’ll be happy to accept your payment and drive that junk to the dump.

What’s the Cost?

The price of your Sacramento junk removal is proportional to how much room the junk takes up in our truck. There’s no hidden fees, mysterious methods, or funky math behind our costs. It’s straightforward and upfront—every time. That way, you know what you’re paying ahead of time, and saving money in the process, too. What will you do with your extra cash? Put it in the bank? Take the kids to the Folsom Zoo? Whatever you do, we hope you enjoy it!


Junk Removal Scheduling is Quick & Easy

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