Junk Removal in Folsom

Sick of looking at piles of old, unwanted clutter? Junk Responders knows how you feel. We're here to make a difference in your home and in our community by providing superior junk removal services.


It’s so easy to let things pile up at home.  You work a long day and the last thing you want to do is get home and clean and sort your stuff.  Chances are, a lot of the things you have at home you don’t even need or use anymore.  If you don’t have the time or energy to get rid of all of these old, unwanted items, you need help from Junk Responders.  Our team can haul just about any kind of junk you may have.  We can haul furniture, trash, debris, big appliances, old attic stuff, and we can even take apart some small structures for you such as play-sets and sheds.  As long as an item isn’t hazardous, we can get rid of it for you.

Our service is unique because we care.  We donate 10% of all of our proceeds to a non-profit of your choice.  We also minimize the amount of waste we send to landfills by sorting junk for recyclables and donation items.  It’ll feel so good knowing your old junk isn’t just rotting away somewhere.

Who is Junk Responders?

Junk Responders is the go-to junk removal team in Folsom and the surrounding areas.  Our father/son team works hard to help the community feel clutter-free and clean.  It’s important to us that people feel comfortable in their homes.  Too much junk can prevent that.  Whatever junk removal or demolition need you have, we an take care of!  Whether it’s an old couch in the basement that’s gotta go, an attic filled to the brim with clutter, a yard full of debris, we can do it all.

Our team is trained to handle any junk you throw our way.  We’re insured and equipped with  the truck and tools needed to get the job done.  Not only will we get the job done, we’ll get the job done right!

How Does Junk Removal Work?

Junk removal with Junk Responders couldn’t be easier.  All you have to do is have junk (easy) and make an appointment.  We handle everything else.  When we show up at your property, we’ll provide you with a free upfront estimate on your removal.  Then, we’ll load everything up and get it out of your way.  When we’re done, we’ll even sort your items to find things that can be recycled or donated.

Junk Responders are always dedicated to delivering great customer experiences.  We want to make sure your junk removal process is easy and painless!  Our dedication to our community and your service makes the decision to work with us an easy one.

When Can I Get Started?

If you’re ready to see your home in a new light, we’re ready to make it happen!  If you call now, you could be junk-free by tomorrow!  We pride ourselves in the ability to offer same and next day service, making junk removal faster than ever for you!

Check your calendar and let us know when we can help you.  When you’re ready, we’ll make an appointment and stick to it.  There’s no reason to wait to have your junk removed.

Folsom, California

Folsom, California is a great place! However, it sure does have a lot of junk. We're working with the community to get rid of any unwanted junk, one truck load at a time. We even donate as many items as we can.

About Junk Removal with Junk Responders

  • Give our team a call by dialing (844) 586-5786 or book online to set up your Folsom junk removal appointment now.
  • Upon arrival, our team will provide a free, no-obligation estimate on your junk removal.
  • If you like what you hear, we will start removing your junk right away!